5 Signs Your Aging Parents May Need Assisted Living

5 Signs Your Aging Parents May Need Assisted Living

As people grow older, our bodies go through inevitable changes. These changes often make it hard for older adults to do a lot of things on their own. As such, they will need the assistance of loved ones and even care professionals.

Many older adults, after discussing matters with their families, may opt to reside in an assisted living facility in Santa Clarita, California. In this facility, they get the help they need. But, when do you know that assisted living may be a necessity for your aging parents already?

The following are the telling signs.

  1. Worsening medical conditions

    Aging often leads to higher chances of developing different medical conditions. Many of these medical conditions can be debilitating. As a result, older adults will need further medical attention and elderly care in Stevenson Ranch, California. They also are less capable of caring for themselves.

    Older adults also have higher chances of getting into medical emergencies such as falling. A potential or worsening medical condition can be a sign that they need a care option.

  2. Poor nutrition and personal hygiene

    Are your aging parents losing weight at a rapid pace? Do they smell terrible? If they are, they may be having difficulties fulfilling their personal hygiene routines. They may also not be eating right. Most often than not, these difficulties stem from them not having the physical capability to prepare meals for themselves or take a bath themselves.

  3. Non-completion of important daily home tasks

    When their place is too messy, they may be struggling with cleaning the home themselves. The decline in their physical capabilities may be the cause of these struggles. In this case, they may need board and care for the elderly in Valencia, California.

  4. Senior isolation

    Older adults who are often alone are likely to develop depression. When they do not have anyone to talk to or socialize with, they end up closing themselves off to the world. To prevent this, the presence of caregivers, loved ones, or other senior individuals will help.

  5. Issues with money

    Your aging parents may be forgetting to pay their bills or the banks. They may be unable to fulfill their financial obligations because of their medical conditions.

These signs all highlight the need of your aging parents for assisted living. Talk to Young At Heart so we can help provide the care option your parents need. Call now!

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