A Safe, Comfortable, and Enjoyable Home for Your Loved Ones


When the ones you love enter their golden years, they may be requiring special help and assistance in their day-to-day lives—especially when they are experiencing medical conditions that come with old age. As someone who cares deeply about them, you would then have to take measures in ensuring that your senior loved ones live safe, healthy, and happy lives.

When it comes to providing your elderly loved one with the proper care and attention they need, it is important to decide on the right option that suits their condition, lifestyle, needs, and preferences. You can either opt for your elderly to be placed in an assisted living facility where they will be taken care of by professionals in a safe and well-equipped home or choose to employ professional care providers and have them take care of your elderly loved one in their own home.

Both are good choices; however, the best option would have to depend on the various factors and circumstances you would have to consider, such as the design of the house where your senior loved one is living, their special needs, and their overall health condition.

While some seniors would prefer to stay within the comforts of their own homes, the house itself may provide more of a potential hazard and safety risk rather than a safe and secure environment. Having your senior loved one reside in a care home, such as an assisted living facility in Santa Clarita, California, however, will greatly lower the risk of falls, accidents, mishaps, and security breaches, as these facilities are specially designed to be a safe and comfortable home suitable for seniors.

Young At Heart provides board and care for the elderly in Valencia, California through its comfortable, safe, and homely assisted living facility in California. We have a team of dedicated, highly-trained, and professional care providers who strive to fulfill your elderly loved ones’ needs with efficiency and genuine care. We are also equipped with top-of-the-line safety systems and healthcare equipment and materials, all found in our cozy, comfortable, and enjoyable facility— truly a lovely home away from home.

With us, you can have peace of mind that your elderly loved ones are given the right care and attention they need in accordance with their condition and preferences. With comfortable and equipped private or shared rooms, three meals and snacks that are nutritious and in line with their special diet, housekeeping and laundry services, and assistance with personal tasks, your senior loved ones will have the quality of life they deserve under the care of professionals. We even have fun and engaging activities to keep our seniors occupied and entertained, such as walks, movie nights, board games, ice cream socials, and arts and crafts!

At Young At Heart, we aim to provide only quality, efficient, and compassionate elderly care in Stevenson Ranch, California, and you can trust us to give your senior loved ones the perfectly good life at home—away from home.

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