Fall-Proof Bathroom: What Safety Additions to Make

Fall-Proof Bathroom: What Safety Additions to Make

When we are taking care of our elderly loved ones at home, we need to ensure that our home is also senior-friendly. What this means is that safety measures are set in place, especially in risky areas, so that our loved ones can be protected from accidents, injuries, and any other unwelcome incidents. One of these risky areas at home is the bathroom. Due to its slippery nature, bathrooms are the frequent venues of falls, slips, and elderly accidents.

In our assisted living facility in Santa Clarita, California, we set up safety measures in all risky areas so that you can trust us with your loved one’s safety. Here are our recommendations on how you can improve your bathroom and make it fall-proof and senior-friendly.

  • Install Grab Bars

    The practicality of grab bars installed at the walls and doorways of bathrooms cannot be denied. In fact, it is even advisable to put grab bars in other areas at home. When there is a grab bar in the bathroom, our aging loved ones can quickly hold on to them when the floor becomes slippery after usage. This can help keep them steady and in place, thus, preventing falls.

  • Non-Slip Mats

    On the floor, it is also ideal to have non-slip mats installed so that it will be easier for seniors to walk in and out. When they are assured that the floor is not slippery, they can be confident when they take a bath on their own. Because their safety is maintained, their independence can also be preserved.

  • Walk-in Shower

    This is a separate shower area inside the bathroom. Unlike the tub wherein your loved one still needs to step over the tub to get inside, the walk-in shower can be easily used. There is no fear of slipping or tripping because they don’t have to face the challenge of stepping over something. These similar safety precautions are observed in our facility as we provide board and care for the elderly in Valencia, California.

  • Renovated bathroom

    Aside from the above-mentioned additions, it also helps if you have implemented fixtures in the bathroom that will further promote a senior’s safety inside. These fixtures include putting up brighter lighting inside the bathroom, replacing the doorknob with lever handles, and having an automatic shower. These fixtures enable your senior loved one to use the bathroom more safely.

Meanwhile, if you find that your home is no longer fit to provide quality senior care to your loved one, you can always entrust them to our care in our facility. Our elderly care in Stevenson Ranch, California is provided by experienced and professional care providers. Hence, you can trust that their safety and wellbeing our always our priority.

At Young At Heart, let us help you provide a very suitable living condition for your senior loved one. Let us help you provide them with quality life as they venture the elderly years. To know about our programs, ask us.

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