How Assisted Living Improves a Senior’s Mental Health


While mental health is a crucial need of every person, it can be extra sensitive for our aging loved ones. Age-related challenges can affect the way they think of their worth and purpose. For instance, when they acquire mobility-limiting illnesses, they might feel depressed with the inability to play their favorite sport.

Our assisted living facility in Santa Clarita, California intends to provide a living environment for seniors in a way that promotes and nurtures their mental well-being. Whether they struggle with memory problems or are beset with thoughts and feelings of depression, being with us is a great opportunity to enhance their mental strength.

Here are some of the ways that we cater to the mental well-being of the residents as we provide board and care for the elderly in Valencia, California.

  • Gathering with Fellow Seniors
    Our senior loved ones can benefit from meeting with other people, especially with fellow seniors. They can engage in regular conversations, do crafts together, and simply have someone to keep them company every day. This is what they can experience in our care facility. When they know and feel they’re not alone, their mental well-being is enhanced.
  • Eating Healthy Meals
    Being able to eat brain-healthy foods can also benefit your loved one’s mental well-being and strengthen their memory. There are plenty of brain-enhancing foods that can be prescribed for their daily diet. What’s important is that your senior loved one is eating the right kinds of food so their cognitive functioning is improved.
  • Opportunity for Group Exercises
    What’s exciting about being in an assisted living facility is that your senior loved one can be encouraged to do some exercises in a group. Whether they are fond of exercising or not, doing routines with other seniors can be even more emboldening. At the same time, these exercises are beneficial not only for their body, but also for their mood and mind.
  • Brain-Boosting Activities
    Our care staff also recognizes that your loved one has specific care needs to be addressed. Because of this, we provide programs and activities that cater to their mental enhancement. We provide brain-boosting games for our residents so that whether they’re alone or with a group, they can have quality entertainment while doing some mental exercise.
  • Peaceful Environment
    Our facility is also located in a peaceful environment. This design is intentional to nurture a mindset of peace among our residents. This mindset helps them to feel relaxed and peaceful when inside our facility.

For your senior loved one who spends most of their days alone in their own homes, consider bringing them under our care at Young At Heart. We provide quality elderly care in Stevenson Ranch, California so that the personalized care needs of your loved one are addressed. You can also visit us personally so you can see our facility for yourself.

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